Raspberry Espresso Martini

Raspberry Espresso Martini For a Jolt of Boldness

Raspberry Espresso Martini is an enticing variation of the classic espresso martini that blends the richness of coffee with the sweetness of raspberries. This cocktail is a perfect choice for those who appreciate a fruity twist in their drinks, offering a delightful balance of bold and refreshing flavors.

Utilizing the precision and elegance of the Interplay’s mixology set, this recipe guides you through crafting a unique cocktail that’s as visually appealing as it is delicious.

Ingredients Overview

To create this tantalizing Raspberry Espresso Martini, you will need:

  1. Fresh Raspberries: The key ingredient that adds a natural sweetness and vibrant color to the cocktail.
  2. Espresso: A shot of strong, freshly brewed espresso for depth and a caffeine kick.
  3. Vodka or Rum: Choose vodka for a classic base or rum for a deeper, slightly sweeter variation.
  4. Coffee Liqueur: Adds a rich coffee flavor and complements the espresso.
  5. Simple Syrup: To balance the tartness of the raspberries and enhance the sweetness.
  6. Ice: Essential for chilling the cocktail to perfection.

Raspberry Espresso Martini Recipe

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Calorie Count: Approximately 200-250 calories per serving (varies based on the ingredients used)


  • 40 ml (1.35 oz) Vodka or Rum
  • 30 ml (1 oz) Freshly Brewed Espresso
  • 20 ml (0.7 oz) Coffee Liqueur
  • 15 ml (0.5 oz) Simple Syrup
  • A handful of fresh raspberries
  • Ice cubes

Note: For precise measurements, use the Interplay mixology set’ s measuring tool.


  1. Muddle Raspberries: In the Interplay Cocktail Shaker, muddle a handful of fresh raspberries to release their juice and flavor.
  2. Add Ingredients: Add the vodka (or rum), freshly brewed espresso, coffee liqueur, and simple syrup to the shaker.
  3. Shake: Fill the shaker with ice and seal it tightly. Shake vigorously for about 20 seconds to chill and mix the ingredients thoroughly.
  4. Strain and Serve: Strain the mixture into a chilled martini glass. The drink should have a smooth, creamy surface with a hint of raspberry color.


  1. Espresso Martini with Rum: Replace vodka with rum for a richer and slightly sweeter flavor profile.
  2. Vegan Espresso Martini: Use a vegan coffee liqueur and substitute the simple syrup with a vegan sweetener.

Garnishing Options

  • Fresh Raspberry: Garnish with a fresh raspberry or a skewer of raspberries on the rim of the glass.
  • Lemon Twist: A twist of lemon peel can add a fresh aroma and a hint of citrus.
  • Chocolate Shavings: For a decadent touch, sprinkle a few chocolate shavings over the top.

Savoring the Raspberry Espresso Martini

The Raspberry Espresso Martini is a delightful twist on a contemporary classic, offering a harmonious blend of rich coffee and sweet, tangy raspberries. Whether you choose the classic vodka base or the rum variation, this cocktail is sure to provide a luxurious and energizing experience.

The Interplay Cocktail mixer set is your key tool in achieving the perfect blend and presentation of this exquisite drink. So, gather your ingredients, unleash your inner mixologist, and enjoy the vibrant and tantalizing flavors of the Raspberry Espresso Martini.

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