skinny spicy margarita

Skinny Spicy Margarita Recipe, Ingredients and Prep Method

The Skinny Spicy Margarita Recipe provides a balanced fusion of citrus zest, subtle sweetness, and fiery spice, without loading up on calories. This cocktail is perfect for those seeking vibrant flavors without the extra sugar or carbs.

Suitable for health-conscious individuals or anyone keen on a refreshing variation of a timeless drink, today we will talk about its origin, ingredients, and the precise steps to whip up the perfect serve. We’ll also touch upon other notable margarita variations.

The History and Evolution of the Margarita

Margarita, a name often associated with beach vacations and festive parties, has roots that are both mysterious and intriguing. While multiple tales claim the origin of this classic cocktail, a common thread is its Mexican heritage. Some say it was crafted for a dancer, while others believe it was the creation of a socialite. Regardless of its true origin, the Margarita has taken on various forms over the years, with the Skinny Spicy Margarita being one of its latest, healthier adaptations.

How Many Calories in Skinny Girl Margarita?

The exact calorie count in a Skinny Spicy Girl Margarita can vary based on the specific ingredients and quantities used. Typically, a Skinny Margarita might range from 100-150 calories per serving, depending on the absence of sugary mixers and the type and amount of sweetener used. When you add spicy elements, such as jalapeño or other chili peppers, it doesn’t significantly increase the calorie count.

Skinny Spicy Margarita Ingredients

  • Tequila: The foundation of any Margarita. For the skinny variant, choosing a high-quality tequila can make all the difference.
  • Fresh Lime Juice: Brings in the tangy element, offering a refreshing zest to the cocktail.
  • Natural Sweetener: Often agave nectar is used, providing the desired sweetness without the additional calories of regular syrups.
  • Spicy Element: Typically achieved using jalapeño or serrano peppers. The heat level can be adjusted according to personal preference.

Perfect Skinny Spicy Margarita Recipe

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Calorie Count: Approximately 100-120 calories (depending on the specific ingredients and quantities used)

Ingredients (in parts and ml)

  • Tequila: 2 parts (60 ml)
  • Fresh Lime Juice: 1 part (30 ml)
  • Natural Sweetener (Agave Nectar): 0.5 parts (15 ml)
  • Jalapeño or Serrano Peppers (sliced): To taste, typically 1-2 slices for a mild heat
  • Ice cubes: As required


  1. In the base of your high-quality mixology set, muddle the sliced jalapeño or serrano peppers to release their oils and spice.
  2. Add the tequila, fresh lime juice, and agave nectar to the shaker.
  3. Fill the shaker with ice cubes up to the top.
  4. Secure the lid of the cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for about 15 seconds.
  5. Using the shaker’s built-in strainer, pour the mixture into a chilled glass, ensuring the pepper slices and seeds are filtered out.
  6. If desired, you can garnish with a lime wheel or an additional pepper slice.
  7. Serve immediately and enjoy!

Note: For those who prefer less spice, you can adjust the amount of pepper or even remove the seeds before muddling. And for the best experience, always use the mixing spoon or measuring tool from the Interplay set for precision.

Variations of the Margarita

  • Skinny Margarita: A lighter take on the classic, focusing on reduced calories and carbs.
  • Mezcal Margarita: Incorporating the smoky flavors of Mezcal for a unique twist.
  • Italian Margarita: Fusion of classic margarita with the sweetness of Amaretto.
  • Tommy’s Margarita: Simplified version with tequila, lime juice, and agave syrup, omitting the triple sec.

Garnishing Options for the Skinny Spicy Margarita

Remember, garnishes are not just for aesthetics; they also enhance and balance the flavors in your cocktail. Choose one that complements the profile of your Skinny Spicy Margarita or mix and match for a unique twist.

Here are some options you can consider

  1. Lime Wheel: A classic choice that adds a pop of color and a hint of extra citrus flavor.
  2. Jalapeño or Serrano Pepper Slice: This can either be fresh or charred for a smoky touch, and it accentuates the spicy element of the drink.
  3. Salted Rim: A blend of coarse salt and chili powder can be used to rim the glass, offering a savory contrast to the cocktail’s sweetness and heat.
  4. Red Chili Flake Sprinkle: For those who love an extra kick, a light sprinkle of red chili flakes on top can elevate the heat factor.

The Final Word

The Skinny Spicy Margarita is more than just a cocktail; it’s a burst of flavor for those not afraid to experiement. By keeping the essence of the classic Margarita and introducing health-conscious and flavor-packed ingredients, this drink ensures that you don’t have to choose between taste and health.

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